At US/B, we’re utilizing the same technology that creates distance in our relationships to shed light on new opportunities for connection. We’re using innovation to build bridges across cultures, gender, race, age, and continents, allowing people to thrive in pursuit of personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment. 

Universal Schedule and Booking is currently working to bring powerful platforms to several important verticals. Cultural tourism, climate change, and substance abuse are the current verticals that are being worked on. With these platforms, you will be able to find sources of information, connect with people that have expertise, and ultimately make a push for everlasting and real change in your area of interest. Check out the three planned platforms below:

Getaway Local
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No matter your specific skill set, location or interests and beliefs, Getaway Local fosters a community for you to join and thrive within. It’s a place for communication and connections, as well as for finding a marketplace where you can earn a living doing what you want with your life. 

411ClimateChange is innovation with a higher purpose. We aim to build a community of people -- some experts in an aspect of climate change, others in search of that expertise -- built atop an advanced digital platform that forms seamless bridges between the two.  

C-STOP is driven to take action against substance abuse. We aim to build a community that people can utilize to help those close to them, or to help others that need it most.

At US/B, we have a goal to map human expertise to make it searchable and monetized. We aim to grant people access to the information they need to make policies, social movements, for learning, or to build communities. 

Technology Built for Change

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